Five long years…….

I’m so excited to announce after five years of writing, editing, re-writing, re- editing, etc. etc. etc. My book, The Bristolon Chronicles, Temler’s Quest, is in the final process for publication. I am so excited I can barely stand myself! I don’t have an exact date yet, but I am told it will be available by mid-spring.

I’m also told it will be available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and other outlets I can’t seem to remember at the moment. Yeesh I don’t even know how to express my excitement. My only regret is that OG, my muse, bestest buddy (often referred to by me as, Momster) isn’t here to see it. She encouraged me to keep going, even when it seemed like there was ZERO chance of this happening. I also have to thank my amazing husband and kids for their endless support throughout all of this. And thank you to everyone else out there who encourage me along the way.

I hope you will check out the synopsis below for a quick preview of the book.



For centuries, Bristolon have lived happily in the Great Basin wilderness of Nevada. Lovers of nature and protectors of animals, they avoid people, knowing most humans don’t share their philosophy on the value of all living creatures. Bristolons TEMLER, SOPHERA, CEDRUS, and JUBA, are enjoying an outing when they observe humans placing nets on the ground in a meadow. The humans leave and Temler convinces his friends to investigate. They’re horrified when they realize the nets are traps for Pygmy Rabbits, a nearly extinct breed. Enraged, Temler and his friends attempt to rescue the rabbits, but find themselves entangled in the netting too. The humans return and spring the nets, capturing all four Bristolon.

The humans, a notorious band of rogue scientists, are shocked but excited upon discovering the strange creatures in their nets. They take Temler and his friends to a cave in South-Central Idaho. They agree the “unknown species” they’ve captured are their key to admittance back into the scientific community. They plan to sell three of the Bristolons and dissect one for their own scientific study. Temler escapes, but realizes he’s too far from home to get help from fellow Bristolons. He also knows the humans have technology—such as padlocks, keys, etc. Temler decides his only choice is to get help from humans.

Temler finds three thirteen-year-olds he believes might help him. When one of the teens, HENRY—an avid rock climber—finds himself clinging by his fingertips from a rock ledge after the rock wall below him suddenly crumbles, Temler saves Henry’s life. Henry and his two friends, LILLIA and CHARLIE, don’t initially believe Temler’s a creature from Earth, but because Temler saved Henry from certain death they agree to help. Temler assumes he’s in command, but the teens quickly devise a plan to rescue the other three Bristolon.

The plan’s partially successful as the Bristolon are freed, but Charlie’s captured. One of the Bristolon, Sophera, is seriously injured. The group devises another plan to rescue Charlie, but everything goes horribly wrong. The Bristolon accidentally start a range fire when they explode a four-wheeler; Lillia and Henry aren’t able to complete their portion of the plan; and the cave-complex in which Charlie’s being held begins to collapse.

Temler realizes it’s up to him alone to save Charlie. Unfortunately, the range fire forces Lillia, Henry, and three of the rogue scientists back into the cave complex before he can get Charlie out. The scientists are shocked and terrified when they learn Temler isn’t only smart, but extremely strong. The scientists are quickly subdued by Temler, Charlie, and Henry. With police and firefighters fast approaching the cave complex, the teens help Temler escape the cave so the existence of Bristolons remains secret. The teens convince the police the range fire was started by the rogue scientists, who are wanted by the police on other charges, and the scientists are arrested. The teens rendezvous with the Bristolon, and realize the terrifying events they’ve endured have developed a lasting bond among them.

The leader of the Bristolon, PINEUS, and the leader of the Bristolon Elder Council, PRUMNOPITY, arrive. Pineus informs Temler, Sephora, Cedrus, and Juba they must return to their grove and face the rest of the Elder Council for breaking Bristolon law. Temler takes full responsibility and urges Pineus to leave Sophera in the care of the human teens, as she’s too seriously injured to make the trek home. Pineus reluctantly agrees, but demands the other three Bristolon return home. The Bristolon leave Sophera in Lillia’s care. Temler admits to Sophera his punishment for breaking Bristolon law is likely banishment from the grove. Temler agrees to go home, but vows to Sophera, banished or not, he’ll see her again.

6 thoughts on “Five long years…….

  1. Congratulations! I am so excited for you! What an amazing accomplishment. I hope you and your family are doing well and you are enjoying retirement. I miss our conversations. Please tell Dalen hi from us.
    Take care;

    Colonel Kedrick R. Wills, M.T.D.
    Director, Idaho State Police


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