The Final Chapter. When you take out the trash, don’t go digging through the dumpster. With Love from the Book of O.G.

There are many chapters in the Book of O.G., but for me, this one is the final and most important. Every person in the world has, or eventually will, suffer a heart-tearing loss.

Yesterday it was my turn.

Yet, despite the loss of my hilariously goofy, completing loving, sometimes bossy and demanding, but almost always right, Mamma, I feel tremendous peace and joy.

A few weeks ago, Mamma and I were sitting in the kitchen visiting. I was sideways about something going on in my life, and Mamma said: “I know your feeling some hurt right now, but do yourself a favor and let it go.”

I grumbled a bit more and said to her: “You really do amaze me Mamma. I know you’ve went through many terrible times in your life, but somehow you never let the bitterness get to you.”

She laughed and replied: “I learned a long time ago, when you take out the trash, don’t go digging through the dumpster.”

We didn’t talk any more about what she said. I got busy with my morning routine and she snuggled up in her chair next to the fireplace and dozed.

This morning, her simple statement from a few weeks ago, hit me like a freight train at full throttle. I realized my Mamma had just given me the single most important piece of advice I will ever receive… and I almost missed it.

I spent some time in reflection and quickly realized there is a lot of trash in my life that I needed to take to the dumpster.

I am going to start my clean-up plan by scouring every shred of bitterness out of my life. I know that will take some serious elbow grease, but I can do it.

Then I plan to take a bucket of bleach and scrub my sharp and spiteful tongue. It always seemed like a pithy platitude when Mamma would tell me: “It’s just as easy to say something kind, as it is to say something hateful.”

It isn’t pithy anymore.

Once those two chores are done, I am going to find me a shovel and dig up all of my resentments, seal them in a tight drum, and toss them in the biggest dumpster I can find.

I know those three chores are going to take a herculean effort on my part, but I have no doubt I can achieve my goals.

And here is why…while my heart will ache every remaining day for my Mamma, I now realize I just spent 55 years as the student of a woman who was a well of wisdom, and a true fountain of love.

It’s time I put that excellent education of mine to good use.

2 thoughts on “The Final Chapter. When you take out the trash, don’t go digging through the dumpster. With Love from the Book of O.G.

  1. This is awesome and very well written! What a tribute to you lovely Mother! I read it to Johanna and she thought it was great as well.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Colonel Kedrick R. Wills, M.T.D.
    Director, Idaho State Police


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